Cruise to Monkey Island

Call Captain Paco to make your reservation!  (787) 316-0441

The Island

Originally established in 1938 as a research colony to study Indian rhesus monkeys, the island is now home to approximately 1,000 monkeys. Though you cannot enter on to the island, La Paseodora takes you near enough to see the monkeys well and safely.

The Cruise

In addition to viewing monkeys, you can snorkel from the boat. Masks, snorkels, water shoes, and a basic kayak are provided. There is a shipwreck (a cargo boat that sank in 1944) that is home to many tropical fish. Giant, orange starfish are easily spotted in the clear Caribbean water.

The Experience

This is a very family friendly activity! Captain Paco plays a conch shell and provides traditional Puerto Rican instruments for his passengers during the short ride out to the island. Bring your own drinks, but wonderful, simple sandwiches of ham and cheese on delicious local bread are served on the boat. La Paseodora provides shade, padded seats, and more than ample room to move around. This is an experience for those who enjoy nature, being on the water, and a kind, fascinating guide. There are no restroom facilities on the boat.

The Captain

Expect a cheerful greeting when you call Captain Paco at (787) 316-0441 to make your reservation for this authentic Puerto Rican adventure! English and Spanish spoken. The 3+ hour tour cost $35-50 per person depending upon the number of passengers. Though the boat can hold 20, Captain Paco likes to keep the groups smaller, usually 4-10 people.